For over 60 years, our goal at Académie Lavalloise has been to provide every student with the most rewarding and fulfilling educational experience.Our teachers involve, instruct and inspire students to learn, lead and succeed.

A Family Tradition
Académie Lavalloise was founded in 1958 by Lucette David-Zakaib, whose vision was to offer students a family-oriented, stimulating learning environment. Originally, the school was called Le Jardin Rose, and classes were given in her home.Soon enough, Lucette moved the school to a larger location as the demand for her educational philosophy grew.

In 1987, Lucette’s son took over as school principal to continue the tradition and his mother’s legacy. As the success of Le Jardin Rose grew, the school had to move yet again to accommodate ever-increasing student numbers, and Mr. Zakaib decided to settle the school in the heart of Laval,on boulevard des Laurentides.

In 1991, the school took on the name Académie Lavalloise. Keeping the learning environment intimate and personalized, Mr. Zakaib conserved the family feel instilled by its original founder.

In her fifth year as school principal, Mr. Zakaib’s daughter, Tessa Zakaib, is now continuing her grandmother’s tradition as the third generation of academic leaders in her family. “At Académie Lavalloise, we strongly encourage traditional values such as respect, good manners as well as work ethic,” she says. “Our small student population creates a friendly, inclusive school environment.”

Today, the school has a total of 10 teachers,five daycare/student supervisors, a cook and two bus drivers.

A Unique Curriculum
At Académie Lavalloise, we offer the right environment where your child can flourish academically as well as socially. We encourage students to be self-motivated and critical thinkers. Our mission is centered on respect and discipline and our diverse educational activities that will help your child reach and surpass their goals. By offering an enriched and rigorous education, we offer our students the necessary tools to give them the opportunity to pursue their studies at a private high school of their choice (success rate of more that 95%).

We constantly work in collaboration with parents to insure the best support possible for the child. The student’s academic success as well as the parents’ expectations are at the heart of our concerns. Our daily approach makes it possible for our teachers to reach an optimal environment inside and outside of the classroom.

Our enriched Math and French program is complemented by our Art, Music and Physical Education program. Art History, taught in English, is an example of a unique take on the typical elementary school art class. At Académie Lavalloise, students learn about various types of art throughout history, such as abstract art, the Renaissance period, ancient Greece, etc.

In our school, children start learning English as early as Kindergarten, with one day taught in English and one day taught in French. With the help of a variety of educational activities, the teachers encourage the students to communicate orally in English so they can become more and more comfortable. Music is also taught in English.

Grades five and six are introduced to basic anatomy in the context of their Science lessons, offering students an early advantage when it comes to pursuing studies in Science or Biology.

“We even take the time to discuss social media awareness,” says Zakaib. “There are so many life lessons that are taught in our’s not just about academics but about learning to be a good citizen, to be civil, and about manners and ethics.”

Extra-Curricular Options

There is no shortage of after-school activities at Académie Lavalloise, as well as many free activities such as Lego, jewelry-making, Cosom hockey,the school newspaper, a chess club, etc.

We also offer advanced English conversation courses in an after-school program as well as English extra curricular activities such as a cultural trip to Quebec/Ottawa for students in grades five and six.

“Académie Lavalloise is more than a school, it is a well-balanced living environment,” says Zakaib, who attended the school while her father was school principal. Now, her own three children attend the school.

To prepare your child for a private high school, Académie Lavalloise is the way to go! Come and see why Académie Lavalloise could be your family’s ideal choice in education!