Smugglers’ Notch, the all-season family resort in Jeffersonville, Vermont, is opening its new FunZone 2.0 Family Fun Complex, a 4.4 million dollar, 26,000-square foot complex featuring state of the art activities for the whole family. About a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Laval, the FunZone 2.0 is now open to the public.

The FunZone 2.0 is divided into two parts. There is Ozone, with inflatable obstacle courses, a giant inflatable slide, mini-golf and foosball, among other things. ''For the Ozone, the O stands for original, and it takes the best elements of the original FunZone that was there for over a decade,'' says Mike Chait, Public Relations Director at Smugglers’ Notch. ''It was a bubble, an inflatable tennis zone kind of space. It was large, but we were limited on what we could do with the space,'' he says. ''In the Ozone, we also have a zone that we call the Little Loft, which is for the youngest members of the family. There's all sorts of fun elements there where they can stimulate their imagination and play with one another and exercise new social skills. My 2-year-old loves it,'' says Chait. In the Ozone, there is also a lounge area where families can take a breather and have a snack.

Besides Ozone, there is Go Zone; a huge play zone with a laser tag facility and a huge arcade jam-packed with video games, among other things. ''The Go Zone is all about our premier, brand-new activities and features that we brought in,'' says Chait. ''One of the biggest hits, I reckon, will be the laser maze, where there's music popping and the idea is you need to dodge the laser beams, like in a movie about a spy where you need to get through the security area without triggering any of the buzzers,'' says Chait. ''In addition to that, we have a 30-foot-tall climbing tower with a lot of different routes on them, but it's totally clear, so it's like climbing a window,'' he says. ''From a parent's perspective, if you have a child that's nervous about climbing, you can climb halfway up and encourage them to keep going, so it's more than a bonus; it's a great way to help push your kids through something they can be uneasy with at first,'' he says.

There is also the Ninja Warrior course, a physical circuit involving running and jumping over things. ''At the end of it, you're sweating. I did it the other day, and this is kind of embarrassing, but I was sore the next day,'' says Chait, laughing. All of these activities are adjustable and can be made more or less challenging, which means that they are tailored to every member of the family.

The Ozone and the Go Zone are accessible to daily visitors and overnight guests. Everybody that comes to Smugglers’ Notch to stay has access to the Ozone, while activities in the Go Zone are all priced per play, from $3 to $10. ''When we were creating it, we didn't only want people to come one time and then leave, we wanted people to come time and time again,'' Chait says. ''It's a great way for people close by to come without committing to one long vacation.''