On Saturday, April 5th Laval Families Magazine in collaboration with Land Rover Laval and Land Rover Experience Montebello welcomed the first five winners of the Land Rover Experience Contest.

Owners Nino and Renato De Cubellis opened their showroom in Laval to celebrate with the winners: Angelo Minello, Simon Mourad, Mélanie Bujold, John Souvlos, and Christel Mucci along with their respective guests. They showed the participants the acclaimed luxurious models in the showroom and invited them to enjoy the delicious breakfast.

Brothers Nino and Renato shared that their family have been in the automotive industry since 1973. They grew up in the business with their dad. They have been with Jaguar / Land Rover Laval since January 2005. Because they’re family-oriented and pay attention to detail, the owners and their employees are committed to providing quality customer service to their clients regardless of what type of vehicles they purchase. They keep in touch with their clients even after they’ve purchased the vehicle.

Nino and Renato said they expected a good turn out and the reaction is always the same, ‘how amazing these vehicles are on and off the road.’ Renato said, “Brand awareness is extremely important and this is the type of event that creates that; therefore, we would hold another event like this, for sure.”

Mélanie Bujold, one of the winners, said it would be a dream to own a Land Rover since she lives up north and wanted to test the vehicle for performance. Once the opening celebration was over, everybody headed to Montebello for the Land Rover Experience.

The winners and guests were greeted by Dominique Rochette, Location Manager of the Land Rover Experience in Montebello. Six different models drove in tandem to the Fairmont grounds. With 65,000 acres of unspoiled nature, you’re perfectly positioned to navigate the technical woodland obstacles.

The grounds were covered in snow and as the winners started testing the cars, the snow intensified. It was thrilling for them because this meant a real off-the-road experience, one that they don’t get in the city.

At the end of the day, one thing was clear: the overall Land Rover Experience was extremely fun and all the participants agreed they would recommend it to their friends. Angelo Minello said, “Overall was a great day. I’d like to thank all the organizers and all the instructors here for their help and for showing us what to do while driving on the snow and ice and I will recommend it to anybody.” Simon Mourad, another satisfied winner said, “My guests and I enjoyed the Land Rover Experience. We were the first ones to arrive at Land Rover Laval and your hospitality was amazing and the Land Rover Experience at Montebello was a blast.”

On Saturday, April 12th the second group of five winners enjoyed the Land Rover Experience, starting off at the Jaguar/Land Rover Laval showroom and later in Montebello.

David Decotis, Sandro Le Donne, Carmela Sacco, Audrey Concilio, and Nick Milas with their respective guests were welcomed by Nino and Renato. Like the previous group, they enjoyed an appetizing breakfast, took pictures with the vehicles, and mingled with the owners.

David Decotis, one of the winners and Laval Families Magazine readers, entered the contest online because he’s always been interested in the Land Rover brand and wanted to test drive one. He reiterated, “this is a great opportunity to actually test-drive it and see if something that’ I’d like to purchase in the future. These are beautiful cars!”

All the winners were looking forward to the experience. Sandro Le Donne couldn’t hide his enthusiasm when he said, “I love vehicles in general but Land Rover is a car I’ve always loved. If I had the opportunity I’d buy a Range Rover Sport. I’d definitely buy it for sure. I want to test them in this type of terrain to see what they’re capable of doing.”

Once they arrived at the Land Rover Experience Montebello, they got ready for a very different terrain from the previous week. This time the snow had melted and turned the testing grounds into a muddy challenge.

At the end of the day, the participants shared their comments and they all concurred with first group: they will recommend the Land Rover to family and friends and consider buying a car. When asked to comment on her experience, Audrey Concilio, “I thought it was great. I loved it!” She then added, “I never expected a luxury car could do that. I tried a couple of cars and the one I love is the Range Rover.”

Carmela Sacco said, “I can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciated the experience from beginning to end! You did an amazing job organizing every detail of the event. You set the tone and off we went. I must tell you that the driving experience in the woods surpassed my wildest expectations.”

Besides the unsurpassed fun, this experience gave the participants an opportunity to exercise the impressive capabilities Land Rover vehicles have to offer.