Since 2014, the Défi parc Lausanne from Bouge ton parc energizes the park and the neighborhood of Vimont-Auteuil. The event offers runs of different lengths (from 1 km to 10 km), as well as two walks. On top of that, there's hosting, food, and kiosks to entertain, feed and inform participants. This year’s event will take place on Saturday, May 12th, from 9 a.m. to noon. Registration is already underway!

Bouge ton parc is looking to give back to the community by offering a funding leverage to schools and organizations of the Vimont-Auteuil neighborhood, such as Terry Fox Elementary School, CPE GaminVille and Relais Familial d'Auteuil.

“In 2018, we now have 15 organizations joining the event. Half of their subscription fees go back to them. Sainte-Béatrice school, among others, got a cheque of nearly $1000 with which it bought materials for the gymnasium”, explains Michel Reeves, President and Founder of the Bouge ton parc event.

Alzheimer Society of Canada's walk also joined the event in 2017. The organization was having the event at the end of May and had a hard time finding volunteers. Thus, they decided to join the Défi parc Lausanne, and the merging of both events ended up being a great solution. “It was a great success, they gathered a lot of funds,” says Reeves. “We still do the run, but now we also offer the 2 km and the 5 km walk. It happens between 9 a.m. and noon, at the same time as the run.”

The event involves not only citizens, but also community politicians and local businesses. “We have the financial help of Mr. Roussel, Deputy of Vimont, and city councillors Mr. Davide De Cotis and Mrs. Jocelyne Frédéric-Gauthier...We have lots of partners, including l'Euromarché, Léger Dentists, the Caisse Populaire…Everyone wants to participate because it's a good cause,” explains Reeves.

Jean Roussel, Vimont deputy for the provincial Liberal party, is happy to support the event, both financially and personally. In 2018, he'll complete the 5 km run and will also participate in the 1 km run with his seven-year-old grandson.

“I think that there's never going to be enough activities to promote exercise for youth. Being a runner myself, I participate in the run. I think that it's a great life habit to have, so I was very glad when Michel started this project,” says Roussel. “I applaud him, and I am behind him in his projects because it's the population that benefits.”

David De Cotis, Deputy Mayor of Laval and Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of Laval, helped Reeves to create the Bouge ton parc event. At each event that Reeves organizes, De Cotis helps as a municipal councillor. “Whatever his events are, I encourage him,” says De Cotis. “I represent the city of Laval and my district, so I am there to talk about the importance of the event and why they should support Michel Reeves, since it's a non-profit organization. It's very admirable that he and his volunteers organize this event.”

Since it's a large-scale event, Reeves hires a team of 70 volunteers. “We give them jobs to do along the course, like points of control at one, two or four kilometres. Once the run is over, they help with the kids' 1 km run,” explains Reeves.

All children who participate in the 1 km event get medals. “We wanted to keep it family-oriented and not necessarily competitive. We wanted to have fun together,” says Reeves.

The participation rate increases every year, with more participants at every edition since 2014. “Last year, we had almost 1000 people, and we are sure to have over 1000 this year,” says Reeves.

Whether it’s to get in shape, to give back to the community or to do an activity with the family, the Défi parc Lausanne from Bouge ton parc has something to offer for everyone. Visit for more information or to register.